SEPT G1: Buddy System Invitational

Buddy System Invitational – Group Exhibition

Curated by Sven Davis

5 September – 28 September 2013

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Breeze Block Gallery is proud to present it’s latest blockbuster group exhibition in Gallery 1 this September, Buddy System Invitational.

Curator Sven Davis invited 22 international artists to participate in the exhibition and produce one artwork at 16×20 inches and one at 8×8 inches. In turn, each of the participants invited a fellow artist to bring along for the ride and produce two artworks of the same scale.

The resultant body of work is to be shown in a grid arrangement with the invited artist and their buddy’s work presented alongside each other.

Buddy System Invitational underpins the spirit of cooperation within this exciting group of artists. The exhibition’s overall grid aesthetic has generated a wonderful mixture of both planned and serendipitous outcomes, with the artists embracing the collaborative nature of the exhibit to varying levels and contexts, from intertwining thematic and physical presentation of their work to the extreme of working on the same canvas via international exchanges.

The common brief on size of work produced acts as a control mechanism in order to align an aesthetic vision that presents the collective body of work as a comparative exercise for the participants both in their traditional role as artists, and also as co-curators of the exhibition.

The participating Buddy System Invitational artists are listed below:

Andrew Schoultz – Gianluca Franzese

Ben Venom – Megan Gorham

Brendan Monroe – Anders Oinonen

Chris Ballantyne – Rebecca Carino

D*Face – Word To Mother

Edwin Ushiro – Tessar Lo

Erin Murray – Amze Emmons

Evah Fan – Jen Corace

Gary Taxali – Roman Klonek

Greg Eason – Neil Raitt

Hilary Pecis – Claire Colette

Jeff Depner – Erin McSavaney

Jessica Hess – David Young V

Kai & Sunny – Russell Maurice

Leah Mackin – Bonnie Brenda Scott

Leigh Wells – Alex Zecca

Lucy McLauchlan – Rich Jacobs

Mark Dean Veca – Daniel Davidson

Mary Iverson – Moneyless

Rachell Sumpter – Jacob Magraw-Mickleson

Scott Listfield – Matt Brackett

Sean Barton – John Radkte